The first writings about canestrej date back to the 19th century; simple and round wafers similar to Hosts, enriched with chocolate whose recipe was slightly different from a family to another according to the place of origin. In ancient times these wafers where produced in the fireplace with jaw tools that gave the particular shape like a basket interlacement to the wafer. It is supposed that the name "canestrej" (small basket) comes from that. Once upon a time there was an advise to cook the wafer: while cooking you had to say a prayer "Lady Mary" was better than "Our Father" because shorter.

A manuscript of the Napoleon period (1805) kept at Biblioteca Reale di Torino talks about the deliciousness of that products: "Bread and pastry: in Biella and its surroundings there is the best bread in the whole Piedmont. It is sent to Vercelli, Turin, especially bread-sticks called Cressin or Grissini. Excellent kinds of pastry Canestrelli have been produced as well; their chocolate is appreciated and delivered in many towns".

Jeantet canestrej e Canestrelli keep inside more than two hundred years of history; they are prepared with the best ingredients, respecting still today the ancient recipes.


Ours Canestrej

Canestrej in carton
Mix canestrelli e canestrej
Mix canestrelli, canestrej e Rue del Ricetto di Candelo
Mix canestrelli, canestrej, Rue del Ricetto di Candelo, Vialardini e Zumaglini
Canestrej in blister da 3 pz
Mix canestrelli, canestrej, Rue del Ricetto di Candelo, Vialardini, Zumaglini e note di Giuseppe Verdi
Mix canestrelli, canestrej, Zumaglini e note di Giuseppe Verdi
Mix canestrej e note di Giuseppe Verdi

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