We have always been bringing traditions and local products out. In the constant search of documents about our land, "Il Biellese", we have found out a manuscript that accurately describes the appreciated productions of bread and pastry, with specific references to the deliciousness of Canestrelli, our "strong point" appreciated and sold all over the world.

The manuscript is dated 1805. It is in French and kept at BIBLIOTECA REALE DI TORINO. We quote a few extracts with references to the products and places of the Biellese province.



19th century pastry and recipes

Description of Biella city


The sanctuary near Biella


Description of Candelo


CavagliÓ and its bread


Andorno and its spirits

Notice sur l'arrondissement de Biella, Departement de la Sesia, ms. cartaceo, sec XIX
Classified at 'Biblioteca Nazionale di Torino, misc. 82/17'.
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